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Why Managed IT Services Could Be A Game Changer For European Companies?

The European market highly depends upon digital strategies, technology, innovation, and ingenuity. European companies are highly adaptive to new technological changes and trends. They tend to focus on setting high global standards for technological developments using these strategies and ideologies while putting people first. Although, Western Europe mainly focuses on managed hosting and collocations and is a growth hub for these models while Eastern Europe believes in growth with cloud and hosting technological trends. However, post-pandemic scenarios have transformed their perspectives and the market trends shifted to raising the production scale while reducing the complexity of the infrastructure. In this blog, we will see how managed IT services could be a game-changer for European countries.

What Are Managed IT Services?

A managed IT service is a model of outsourcing any specific IT function to a third-party provider, known as a Managed Service Provider or MSP. This is a way to offload a company’s IT infrastructure to an external expert in order to reduce costs, improve service quality, and free internal teams to dedicate themselves to core competencies.  These outsourced services may range anything from simply holding IT equipment or unit for the organization to committing an entire IT team and handling daily tasks.

The main aim of the managed services is to provide strong IT support to companies with limited or no internal abilities to support an expert IT team by taking over any day-to-day responsibilities off their plate.

Why Do European Companies Need To Know About Managed IT Services?

The managed IT services dominate the business models and budgets all across the globe even in the European business markets. With an expanding market, managed services are a new healthy part of the business strategies and would continue to show impressive growth worldwide. Managed services are the modern solutions to many existing business problems. Here are a few points that would emphasize the importance of managed services for European companies.

  • Technological Growth
    With the advancement in technology, workplaces are evolving swiftly and are getting more prompt to work while getting more complex every year to manage. For example, the facilities that employees rely on, just two decades ago, have immensely changed. Most of the employees only had access to work technology when they were at the workplace in the office, but now they can access the company’s information anywhere at home or in the office with a laptop or tablet, or even the mobile phones. So, technology has transformed the way companies used to work in a very positive way.
    However, these transformations have made it complex for IT departments to manage all the tasks; from providing access to all those devices while also keeping the company’s data safe. Here, managed IT services play an important role in managing the IT infrastructure and securing the data.
  • Filling the Talent Gaps
    With IT work becoming more complex, the demand for IT specialists and experts has also risen, but due to many reasons, the market is not putting up with all the needs. There is a high demand for IT experts with specialized skill sets, but somehow the deserving ones are not able to reach the recruiters and thus a huge talent gap is created specially in the IT field. Nearly 60% of employers struggle to fulfill job openings within 11-12 weeks.
    Since the core IT field experiences a talent shortage, the other businesses with IT demands don’t have the ability to support many of the vital IT services. In these scenarios, MSP comes to the rescue. They offer you a strong IT team to concentrate your strategic initiatives that boost your business without worrying about maintenance, security threats, data loss, cyber security violations, or any other problems that could negatively affect your business. Not only that, but it also saves you from time-consuming recruitment processes.

How To Decide If Your Organization Needs Managed IT Services?

Here are some considerations that you should count on while deciding on your business IT needs and adapting to the managed service model.

  • Size of your business
    The size of the organization plays an important role in deciding the type of service it would require. Almost all small and mid-sized businesses can make a profit from using an MSP. An external service provider can customize their services according to their business needs and can manage them well without causing any downtime.
  • Internal capacity
    Every organization wants its in-house team to mainly focus on more relevant tasks and not on resolving IT issues or maintenance problems. The internal IT experts are required to manage the IT infrastructure and this can easily be possible with the help of the MSP.
  • Budget-friendly
    Adapting the managed IT services saves a lot as compared to hiring new talent. It does not require any dedicated office space or any extra spending on the recruitment process, thus is more economical than setting up an internal IT team and infrastructure. Moreover, it also decreases downtime, thus reducing the chances of profit loss due to downtime, which is a notable cost in itself.
  • Risk Management
    The service provider actively monitors and controls the systems, thus reducing any chance of failure or downtime. They are available for 24/7 support and can fix any issue before it becomes an expensive bug and costs more to the business.
  • MSPs contribution
    As mentioned before, MSPs can range from simple IT support to extensive IT outsourcing. They can be a large national corporation or a small local firm with excellent customer service. Therefore, it’s essential to assess and evaluate your requirements before committing to Managed IT Services. This will ensure that you make the finest possible option and help you in locating the best-managed service provider if you want to engage with one.


Managed It services can be a perfect option for you if your business often suffers issues with its IT management and needs that extra supervision for its smooth functioning. MSP can monitor and supervise your IT infrastructure and strengthen your company’s support line.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services are included in the managed IT services?

The managed IT services can vary from services like Software development and Test Engineering; Cloud, Container, and Dev Ops Services; Data Engineering, Machine Learning, and other emerging technologies.

Bridgentech provides managed IT services customized to your needs. Contact for more information.

What are the growth and trends of the European Managed service market?

The European managed services market is projected to be worth USD 148.74 billion by 2024 from USD 66.14 billion in 2018, with a compound annual growth rate of 14.1% from 2019 to 2024.

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