With our focused approach towards Data Engineering, we intend to provide organizations with organised and consistent data flow to enable data-driven business processes. From training machine learning models to automating complex data pipelines, BRIDGENTECH can help you increase time to value and improve efficiency. Our uniquely filtered resources can help you with your data consolidation, warehousing, intelligence and assimilating it with scalable modern architectures and applications, thus maximizing its value.

How can we add value?

Building a microservices architecture based product can be challenging, due to the changing technology environment, management decisions, requirement complexity, resource availability and the budgets.

We find the best balance between these parameters, with our Agile and innovative approach to team augmentation.

Industrial Internet of Things
Predictive maintenance solutions to assist in smart logistics and forecasting, Incident scoring, Incident correlation, condition monitoring, Asset Tracking, Remote Service and root cause analysis solutions built on enterprise and custom IOT platforms are the emerging needs and trends in the manufacturing industry.
Robotic process Automation
Reducing human errors, increasing the efficiency and minimizing the total cost of ownership have been the watch words of clients globally in recent times. Providing problem solvers for challenges like Auto Single sign on, auto geocoding, assisted data verification, auto notes, Audit trail report, Premium computation.
Chatbots can be used across domains for lead generation, Customer Engagements, L1 support tasks and collecting feedback. They are much more efficient, economical and disciplined multitasker than human resource. From setting up the processing language to code, integrate with Applications, hosting and monitoring the bots, we can deliver far beyond just delivering experts, we can also provide end to end solutions in this field with the right project managers in place.
We have made sure to stay up to date with the trends in Blockchain to help consult our clients better. Technical expertise for real life use cases implementing Blockchain in domains like Financial services, FMCG, Healthcare, Cryptocurrency, Energy trading to loyalty management, the direction of trend in which this technology is evolving. We can provide services and experienced staff for Blockchain Platforms such as Solidify, Ethereum, Ripple, Multichain and Hyperledger.

Our Technology Stack for Emerging Technologies

Keeping In Sync with the evolving technology and science landscape, keeping focus on Tech Stacks which are new today and are still evolving but have a huge future potential to revolutionize human intelligence, we keep ourselves informed, trained, and research with the latest developments on technologies like nanotechnology, robotics, artificial intelligence, 3D Printing, gene technologies, AR & VR etc. That enables Bridgentech to find the right resources, solutions and talent for the organizations targeting the 1% top staff open to change.

Our technology stack for Emerging Technology

Our team of experts is trained in the best open source, SaaS, and developer tools to deliver the best results for our clients through our IT services

Client Case Study

IT Services

Assembling CloudOps Engineer

Working for one of the prominent global customers in the life sciences domain.

Assembling Full Stack Developers

Working for one of the prominent global customers in the life sciences domain.

Assembling AWS Cloud Migration

Working for one of the very prominent German firm into data quality, integration and management solutions.

Helping You Find The

Needle In The Haystack

Finding the right skilled candidate with that rare skill-set for your tailored requirement could be a daunting task. This is where BRIDGENTECH comes in.