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Helping you Find The
Needle in the Haystack
FInding the right skilled candidate with that rare skill-set for your tailored requirement could be a daunting task.This is where BRIGENTECH comes in.
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Managed IT Services For
Software Development
Delivering custom-stitched niche teams for your critical and non-critical projects which you can scale, absorb or downsize on demand. Especially effective for niche Skill Sets.
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Operations Team For
Cloud & Devops
Proving continuous monitoring, support, infrastructure and deployment teams for L1, L2 and L3 support for On-premise, Public and Hybrid Cloud.
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Future-Proof Services
The Best global talent
Get industry-leading managed IT services from a global talent pool of experts with best-of-breed technology stack coupled with 100% delivery assurance
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Trust & Test Before Hiring
Your Ideal IT Engineers
Find remote, on-premise or offshore IT professionals exceptional in 50+ advanced technologies; open to contract-to-hire opportunities.
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Our Company

Who Are We?

BRIDGEN TECH is a boutique Contract to Hire Staffing and Solutions provider with presence in West Europe, North America and South-East Asia.

We serve businesses with talented IT professionals through focused and differentiated recruitment processes, Skill-enhancing in-house training, inter-cultural gap bridging, incubation and international migration support, blended into one-offering tailored to the client. We work with deserving long-term focused start-ups to Fortune 500 companies globally. Our C2H staffing services pioneer and differ due to our ability to guarantee service performance through project management.

The Services We Offer

Since 2018, Bridgen Tech has been offering solutions to the IT industry, backed by capable and skilled candidates who can deliver. However, we realized that even though there are strong demand and supply forces in the industry, the “right-fit” or “trust-based-hiring” is still evolving & there’s a lot it takes to make that Bond happen. So we started looking beyond Job descriptions and Resumes. And magic happened.

Managed IT Services

Software Development and Test Engineering

Helping your teams develop quality code and applications faster, reliably, compatible with both monolithic and microservices architecture across tech stacks

Cloud, Container & DevOps Services

Supporting with Deployment teams taking the best leverage of Azure, AWS, GCP and Private Clouds for effective Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Deployment (CD) & Continuous Monitoring (CM)

Machine Learning, Analytics & Digital Transformation

Building customer-centric solutions leveraging the best of cognitive technologies in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, IIoT, NLP, Chatbots, Smart Apps & more…

Data Engineering

Enabling organizations explore all relevant external and internal data (ranging from Organized ERP Data to Big Data) beyond traditional BI for deriving deep and relevant insights

Emerging Technologies

Syncing the technology team strength to keep at par with the evolving business and technology scenarios we provide solutions and resources which are niche and ahead of the curve.

Staff Augmentation

Contract To Hire

We help you avoid the risk of bad hire by allowing you time to find the right fit with the right employee

Remote Staffing

Our 5F framework ensures that we deliver the best-in-market remote resources with 118% faster time to deploy than our peers

Talent Delivery

Get access to pre-vetted candidates at mid & senior technical roles from reputable and esteemed backgrounds

BRIDGEN TECH “5F” Strategy Framework


Focus on resource requirements for short-term contingency and long-term sustainability; separately


Look beyond the traditional resume search and look for specialist organizations worth benchmarking and resources who excel


Identify Talent not solely based on tech. skills, but softer skills like communication, international exposure, and willingness to adapt and learn


Leverage industry tie-ups to provide necessary tech, language & cultural training, skillset workshops and adequate project management to ensure best delivery setup from day 1


Depending on client needs, stich a custom delivery plan as well as resource migration matching client’s internal core teams

Delivering Value Across


There are two common strains of thought: the need to grow and diversify the customer base and make the product more effective and sellable; for a better customer experience.

BRIDGENTECH merges the knowledge of digital journeys with the right talent and innovative skills, and with our consultative approach, we help our clients envision, build and deliver innovation at speed.

Banking, Financial Services & Insurance Reshaping the way banking and financial services are structured, provisioned, and leveraged
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Using technology to help you reimagine in-store experience for today’s shopper
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Healthcare & Life Sciences Using technology to create digital solutions that ensure safety and care
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Using IT to to drive productivity in complex and globalized operations in the manufacturing sector
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The BRIDGENTECH Difference

Pricing Structure

Share the financial risk with you and have incredibly compatible pricing plans

Skill Grooming

We not only find the candidates, but we also boost their skillset through training and certifications

Delivery Model

Delivery models can be customized as per client, domain and need

Scouting the Best Talent

Across The Table

Client Case Study

IT Services

Assembling CloudOps Engineer

Working for one of the prominent global customers in the life sciences domain.

Assembling Full Stack Developers

Working for one of the prominent global customers in the life sciences domain.

Assembling AWS Cloud Migration

Working for one of the very prominent German firm into data quality, integration and management solutions.

Helping You Find The

Needle In The Haystack

Finding the right skilled candidate with that rare skill-set for your tailored requirement could be a daunting task. This is where BRIDGENTECH comes in.