Le guide ultime de l'augmentation du personnel

Votre guide sur l'augmentation du personnel

In the last decade, numerous information technology (IT) departments have tried to improve their coordination, succeed in short-term capability scarcities, and include the impact of hiring constraints by using staff augmentation arrangements with IT service providers or by negotiating directly with independent contractors. As a temporary strategy, this method has many benefits compared to the alternative of direct hiring staff. For instance, under the staff augmentation model, the expense of hiring for short terms is less than that of hiring more permanent resources. Furthermore, staff augmentation is simple, needs less effort, and can quickly scale up or down.

Qu’est-ce que l’augmentation du personnel ?

Simply put, Augmentation du personnel is the application of external experts temporarily to increase the potential of an organization. It is an outsourcing strategy where employees are selected to fill gaps in projects in agreement with the current business objectives. A person is hired based on skills needed and can work for short or long-term association with a client.

Services like these increase drives because of the specifics of the IT industry and the lack of talent. Staff augmentation organizations can provide you with developers, programmers, analysts, designers, marketing experts, and many more in the information technology sector.

Why is Staff Augmentation beneficial?

There are numerous potential situations where getting used to staff augmentation will offer many benefits to your company. Some of these include

  • To increase flexibility and capacity – it is simpler to hire talent at the time you need them, for example- during the holiday season.
  • Close the skill gap – businesses that lack IT talents can hire developers or programmers outside the country.
  • Time savings – professionals can be tough to find locally sometimes. The recruitment process can take some months. Staff augmentation enables hiring experts from around the globe in a brief period.
  • Lower operational costs – although vendors impose a fee, you do not need to bother about expenses like office rent, bills, and equipment.
  • Bridge to hire – staff augmentation can be a temporary solution until you hire a permanent team.
  • Business strategy – used to create an organization or team to achieve a competitive edge, grow time to market or be more active.

Advantages of Staff Augmentation:

  • Workforce Transparency – you get notified about every work detail via advanced communication tools and project management strategies.
  • Progress visibility – teams of developers frequently use flexible and scrum policies which means you will get regularly notified on the progress of work.
  • Client-centric – outsourcing clients is the most significant advantage.
  • Complete control over project development – you can select a team of specialists while controlling the development process.
  • Quality resources and skill sets – you can pick from an international talent pool.
  • No setup or maintenance costs – there are no hidden costs like facilities, or office rentals.
  • Complete flexibility – with staff augmentation, you can have as many employees as you need at the given time.

A skilled development team will instantly add value to your project. You will be able to find talent with the correct skillset. You can also look at staff augmentation as a trial run for likely full-time employees.

Why should companies go for Staff Augmentation?

So here are some surprising advantages of staff augmentation:

  • It saves you money:

Hiring full-time employees to work on a particular project requires more time, money, and effort than needed. Preferably, companies can expand existing teams with specialized professionals to work individually on a short-term basis. Thus, it avoids costs associated with salaries, benefits, and other expenses of hiring someone full-time– and who may or may not have the particular skills to work on a specific project.

  • It enables you to scale up faster:

Staff augmentation allows you to estimate your workforce cost-effectively. By chopping down on costs while still hiring the best talent for particular projects, companies can scale their business faster than hiring new, full-time employees. Temporary staffing is the ideal solution to managing ongoing and upcoming demands on a project-by-project basis. That suggests taking on more business without losing the quality of your project.

  • It provides you with more control:

Short-term projects are perfect for temporary employees who only need to work for a set number of hours. Staffing augmentation services, then, provide companies with the opportunity to hire based on particular skills. It gives companies skillful talent to divide the cost of hiring a salaried expert for full-time work. Companies can classify the skills or areas in which their permanent workforce needs support and customize their staff augmentation to satisfy those needs. Finally, it keeps businesses in control and expenses down.

  • It is better than entire outsourcing:

While staff augmentation is a type of outsourcing, it allows companies to control the skills and experience they require from temporary staff. The main benefit to this is that companies can observe the progress of their temporary hires because they will be apparent, working beside their full-time employee. It also eliminates other downsides to fully outsourcing projects to external teams. Staff augmentation allows companies to maintain the confidentiality of their projects, for example, and make suggestions to the project in real time.

  • It gets you an objective perspective:

For temporary staff, an outsider perspective may be helpful to a company with continuing projects. A new person can brighten ideas for development to projects or practices that permanent staff may be too occupied in their work to actualize. This aim or outsider’s voice may boost productivity and ideas in the workplace. Also, every workplace is different, and the dynamic from office to office will be different. For temporary staff operating on project-by-project bases, the chance of them getting involved in office politics is much less than if they were onboarding full-time– Truly a remarkable advantage to staff augmentation!

For a beneficial, cost-effective way to hire capable professionals for the short term, staff augmentation is the way to go.

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