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Introduction To Contract-To-Hire (C2H)

With time, the IT hiring process in non-IT firms has also evolved. Previously, the hiring in these firms for various roles used to be simply done in two ways either by permanent employment for a long time or by contractual employment for short-term projects. While permanent employment can give you a stable employee but it increases the cost, on the other hand, contractual employment can prove to be cost-effective, yet both these have their own merits and demerits. To deal with all these issues a new form of staff augmentation was accepted which is the concept of the contract-to-hire.

This method of hiring uses the pros of both the traditional hiring method yet provides a sophisticated option for these firms to choose from. But these firms also face challenges in finding such useful resources that suit their needs and have to hustle looking for the right employees with more critical work in hand. However, some firms like Bridgentech nowadays help these non-IT companies to hire suitable staff for their projects without facing much trouble.

What Exactly Is Contract-To-Hire?

Contract-to-hire (C2H) is a relatively recent concept that allows businesses to examine potential employees before making long-term commitments. It means that the employee is placed for a short term with the organization, with the possibility to be hired as a full-time employee after the contract ends. This short-term period helps both employer and employee to have an opportunity of a trial period before committing to full-time employment. Fortunately, organizations that assist in C2H, such as Bridgentech, have experts who scour the talent pool for the most reliable and skilled individuals for difficult-to-fill positions. These firms help to find a technically suitable candidate who is employed by the staffing firm but is placed under the client company for the contract period.

How Does Contract-To-Hire Work?

In most cases, the Contract to hire procedure proceeds rather quickly. In the process of C2H services, a staffing agency takes the front seat and handles most of the tasks of talent acquisition such as sourcing the candidates, analyzing the resumes, and shortlisting candidates. While the client that requires C2H services describes the technical requirements and project duration to the staffing agency then the agency works its magic and evaluates the candidates based on the requirements and presents the client with the most authentic choice to select from. Once the candidate is selected by the firm, they need to communicate with the agency and provide regular feedback on the candidate. Finally, after the termination of the contract period, if the client finds the candidate the right choice for future projects of the organization, it offers the candidate full-time employment. Once the candidate accepts the offer, the talent shifts from the staffing agency to the client’s payroll. Otherwise, the candidate moves to another opportunity.

The duration of the contract can be long or short based on the client’s projects but most of the time it is between three to twelve months.

Why Choose Contract-To-Hire Services?

Contract-to-hire has an edge over various other hiring methods for non-IT companies in many ways. This method benefits both employees and employers in certain ways and can ultimately help in achieving the goal of talent acquisition.

  • The most significant benefit of the contract to hire is an expedited interview process. Generally, the hiring process is very time-consuming and problematic, and the HR departments in non-IT sectors are already packed up with other responsibilities so devoting plentiful resources to making strategic hiring can be difficult. This is the reason why the firms are moving towards staffing agencies to assist them in hiring a suitable match for the position and eliminate the hurdles of the hiring process.
  • In the case of the C2H process, the staffing agencies manage all the time-consuming operations of finding and reviewing the right candidate. This can be the right choice for organizations that urgently need to add talent to their list for a crucial position in a project.
  • The other advantage of this hiring process is its “trying before you buy” policy. The client can complete its project while observing the candidate’s potential for future projects. The trial hiring can mostly turn into a full-time employment opportunity till the end of the contract.
  • Another advantage of C2H hiring is its budget-friendly nature. If the budget is the main factor that is preventing you from hiring a full-time employee, but you feel a potential gap in your firm, then contract-to-hire positions can help you achieve your goals in budget.
  • Most of the time, a particular project requires unique skill sets, that you do not have in-house. But you cannot hire a full-time as the position is open for a short period. So, in that case, C2H services can help you acquire the right talent without overstaffing the firm.

The contract to hire method allows both the employee and the employer to benefit from the trial stage and to evaluate the right fit:

Benefits For Employers

Two things happen simultaneously for the employer: the project requirements get fulfilled and they get time to think about the candidate’s fit. The other benefits include:

  • Budget Flexibility
    The budgeting issue for the company can be sought through the C2H hiring process. This is a cost-effective method if you are tight on budget and still want the right talent to hold the position.
  • Meeting the quality skill requirements
    The candidates offered by the staffing agencies are some of the best talent options to choose from. Almost all staffing agencies have an internal talent recruitment process that shortlists the candidate with the most skill sets. Even after that if the client does not find the candidate’s performance up to the mark, they can contact the staffing agency and replace them with another one.
  • Opportunity to evaluate the candidate’s fit
    The client gets time to think about converting the candidate into a full-time employee by observing the overall performance of the candidate in the trial run. They can either choose to keep the candidate or release them based on their evaluation in the trial period.

Benefits For Employees

C2H opportunities allow the candidate to try out the job and the company culture before committing to a permanent position. The other benefits include:

  • Employees can evaluate a company’s fit
    No one wants to get stuck in a company they don’t fit in. Everyone wants to have a work-life balance and good company culture. C2H opportunities give you time to think and evaluate the company’s culture. It helps you determine whether the job is utilizing your talent properly or not before converting to full-time.
  • C2H positions can fill in hiring recesses
    If you have been looking for a job for a long time, C2H can help you with that. These opportunities can help you explore different fields and can help you gain the necessary skills by taking on short-term projects. So, even if the position doesn’t end up full-time, you still have some experience to add up to your resume before going back to the job market.
  • It can help you grow your professional network
    As every person you deal with during the contract period adds up as a new connection, these positions can help you expand your professional network. Although these connections may not lead to a permanent position with the company, those people may know people who can help you find permanent employment elsewhere. If a person creates a positive impression on a company who is unable to provide a full-time position, the employer may provide references, recommendations, or referrals.

Why Work With A Staffing Company For Contract-To-Hire Staffing?

In contract-to-hire situations, it is important that you operate with recruiters that have taken the time to know and understand your company and its culture so that they can put the right candidate to meet your requirements. 

You can contact a staffing agency if 

  • you are new in business or a small business organization looking for some budget-friendly employees.
  • you are in a phase of growth and have second thoughts about the future of the projects and do not want to take a chance at full-time employment.
  • you are in sudden need of a specialized skill set for a project and do not have time for extended interview processes
  • you need an experienced candidate for a short-term project on short notice.


  • Why contact a staffing agency for C2H services?
    If your organization is looking for budget-friendly hiring for a short period, you can contact a staffing agency for C2H services.
  • Which are the companies that provide contract-to-hire services?
    The companies like BRIDGENTECH have specialists that are dedicated to finding the most potential candidates that align with your needs and long-term goals. We help businesses across the world to bring, qualify and screen a large pool of potential candidates with our exceptional staff augmentation services. If you want to hire for C2H positions for your organization feel free to contact us at info@bridgentech.com.

C2H can have multiple meanings, but in the context of employment, it stands for contract to hire. This is a type of employment arrangement where a candidate is hired on a temporary basis with the possibility of being hired as a full-time employee at the end of the contract.

Contract to hire arrangements are often used by companies that want to test out a candidate before making a long-term commitment. They can also be used by candidates who want to try out a new role or company without making a full-time commitment.

The benefits of contract to hire arrangements for both employers and employees include:

  • Pour les employeurs :
    • The ability to test out a candidate before making a long-term commitment.
    • The ability to fill a position quickly without having to go through a full recruiting process.
    • The ability to save money on benefits.
  • Pour les employés:
    • The ability to try out a new role or company without making a full-time commitment.
    • The ability to gain experience and build their resume.
    • The possibility of being hired as a full-time employee at the end of the contract.

If you are considering a contract-to-hire arrangement, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • The contract should clearly outline the terms of the arrangement, including the length of the contract, the salary, and the benefits.
  • You should make sure that you understand the company’s culture and expectations before you start the job.
  • You should be prepared to work hard and prove yourself to the company.

If you are an employer, there are a few things you should keep in mind when considering a contract to hire arrangement:

  • Make sure that the candidate is a good fit for the role and the company culture.
  • Be clear about the expectations for the candidate during the contract period.
  • Be prepared to make a decision about whether to hire the candidate as a full-time employee at the end of the contract.

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