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Level Up Your Game With These Free Resume Building Websites And Tools

Well, your resume represents you before you even have a chance to speak to your recruiter. A resume is that particular document that you need whenever you are applying for a job. It defines, outlines, and describes your professional journey. It is the first document that lets the recruiter decide whether he should continue with your application or not. But, creating, crafting, and designing a resume can be a time-consuming and brain-draining process. Moreover, it can be a tough task for someone to summarize their skills or work experience in a single document in a proper and professional way. Therefore, this article lists top free resume building websites and tools for you to draft a resume that is appealing to your employer.

How To Use Free Resume Building Websites and Tools To Create A Top-Notch Resume

Resume-building websites are a kind of online tool that can help you in building a resume from scratch. These have a variety of interactive online resume templates based on different industry types that allow you to select and fill in the information and build a cohesive resume. It generally involves very simple steps to build a resume using a resume-building website, however, these steps may slightly vary as per the different websites. These steps include: 

  1. Select a resume-building website at your convenience. (Consider our take on the top free resume building websites and tools)
  2. Get your details ready with you including your personal details, educational background, work experience, and also Job description for the role you are applying for.
  3. Choose the template that you like and follow the instructions given with it. The simplicity rating next to each template will help you figure out which prompts would take the most/least time from you.
  4. The last step involves, scanning the resume thoroughly to make sure it matches all the keywords from the job description that you are applying for to make sure it is well optimized for applicant tracking systems.

Some of the top free resume building websites and tools are given below in the article.

Top 10 Free Resume Building Websites and Tools For You

  • Canva
    Canva is one of the best free resume building websites and tools available online and is a well-known name in the creative designing and editing field.  If you are applying for some role in the creative field, then it can be your first pick to design your resume. It has hundreds of free resume templates that you can consider and opt for. Its template section is incredibly rich with a variety of designs that are unique and appealing. One of the most important features of Canva is that it is easy to design a resume in it, just involves simple steps like picking a template of choice and copying and pasting the details into the sections. Moreover, working with Canva has an additional advantage in that its resume templates are categorized separately like Graphis Design, Creative, and Busines which makes it more convenient to choose the template based on the preferred industry.
    You can also download and share n number of resumes in any preferred format whether image or pdf. Simply, you have to sign up using your email address, choose a template as per your wish and fill in the details and information, and download and share it. You can also choose from various fonts, layouts, and elements to make it more attractive.
    Although the paid version of Canva is also available, the templates available in the free version are also good and can prove to be good options.
  • Novoresume
    Novoresume is an online resume builder which guarantees you to build a strong resume that would catch every recruiter’s eye and increase your chances of fetching your dream job. It is simple and easy to use and has resume templates to suit all your needs. It even comprises sections like Volunteering Experience, Language, etc. to support the requirements of all non-traditional job seekers.
    Its resume templates are well-structured, readable, and outstand from each other. It has a unique blend of perfections, aesthetics, expertise, and functionalities for what so ever industry you work with, it will always come up with some ideas to get you a full-fledged resume. It also guides you with every step of the resume-building process so that you did not get struck somewhere and even provides you with a lot of tips and tricks to make you that your resume is written and structured well.
  • Indeed Resume Builder
    While majorly known by people as a job board, Indeed is also a useful resume-building website that is fast and convenient to use. It has eight unique resume template options that sum up everything that a recruiter wants you to put together in a strong resume. All you need to do is to sign up with your email and password and select the template, put in the details, and download the resume. It is a much better option for those who don’t have much work experience to put on as its templates often lack space and are found it difficult to fit more than two work experiences on a single page and would unnecessarily exaggerate the resume to the second page.
    However, an important feature of using Indeed is that it allows you to automatically share your resume on the site with employers. The more it gets the visibility better the opportunity for you.
  • VisualCV
    VisualCV is another important resume-building website that you can use to create, design, and structure your resume details. It helps to create professional-looking resumes with simple yet eye-catching resume templates within minutes. Its resume templates are designed in such a sophisticated manner that each element on the template complements well with the resume theme. It has a very simple process to build a strong resume, just select a template, fill in the necessary details, and adjust the necessary alignments like color, font, size, and spacing.
    One of the interesting features of VisualCV is that it provides you with visual tools that help you to explore your creative side and design an eye-holding resume with its templates. It even allows you to download and print the resumes. Its only con is it has limited options for the free version and the rest are all covered for the premium version. However, with little customization in the available templates, you can still create a beautiful resume.
  • Resume.com
    Resume.com is user friendly and straightforward online resume-building website. It is more like an actual setup like a resume which makes it easy to visualize the final look of the resume after the details are filled in. It comes with a dashboard that has an option to select a resume and cover letter template and fill in all the details. It even guides you with the step-by-step process of creating a resume by asking questions about the details that have to be put there in the resume. It also allows you to upload your existing resume and edit it there. You can edit and rearrange fonts, templates, font size, spacing, etc.
    One of the most interesting and unique features of Resume.com is its option of ‘import Linkedin’ which can literally scan your LinkedIn profile and populate all the information from the profile to the resume template with just one click.

Pour résumer

This article presented our take on top free resume-building websites and tools that are available online and can be used to create strong and trendy resumes. Explore these websites and enjoy your job-hunting process. Follow Bridgentech for more such blogs and articles.

Questions fréquemment posées

What is a Resume?

A resume is a document that sums up all your educational details, professional work experiences as well as personal details for the job-hunting process. It is a document that represents you in front of recruiters.

Which are the best free resume building websites and tools?

There are so many free resume-building websites and tools available online like Canva, Novoresume, Indeed,  Resume Maker, and others.

Which are the formal fonts that can be used in a resume?

Times New Roman, Calibri, and Arial are some of the formal fonts that can be used in a resume.

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