Who We Are

Bridgen Tech is an exclusive Indo-European start-up providing the best-in-class IT hardware and software resources with complete delivery flexibility, suiting organizations of all sizes. Our unique delivery models let you have deliverables completed from day 1 to Day “n”, with n being your choice.

Depending on your plan, we groom these resources on language skills leveraging our esteemed partner organizations. Additionally, providing project management support, inclusive infrastructure support and international exposure; while these resources continue to deliver for you remotely.
Once you want to internally hire these resources, you are already aware who you are hiring and their advantages, and therefore this minimizes your risks. This also ensures more trust and stability in our relationship.

With over 100+ years of collective experience and our proprietary “5F” Philosophy, we have known the in -and -out of changing industry trends. Unlike any other consulting firm, we believe in continuously updating our knowledge, techniques and delivery models for keeping up with what is new in the market rather than sticking to traditional forms of functioning. We understand how crucial your time is, and hence we efficiently take care of your IT needs, Staffing and Recruiting requirements for you. So, you have the needed space to focus on other important aspects of your growing business.


Enabling & boosting agility in our Client’s digital journey through the transforming power of global resource availability.


Providing client-friendly sourcing and delivery model; propagating, advancing & merging broader staffing, recruiting and solutioning practice by shaping the right ecosystems, driving innovations & bringing the challengers and problem-solvers together; thus defining a new-age resource-enterprise relationship.

Let us put it simply by saying that we strive at making our client’s work easier. If you are a firm of any needing the right solution, resources and talent then you must know that we are here for you. Old school IT services is dying fast; we are only re-engineering how IT resource utilization should evolve.
We position ourselves as a balanced, practical solution providing firm for complex business scenarios, especially effective for Small and Mid-size firms or teams within large Orgs, having specific delivery needs not easily serviceable by traditional industry suppliers by the due to budgets, resource crunch, scalability or other complexities. We are backed with our experience of understanding the European business better than our colleagues, provided we are as European as you are.

Our Values


We believe in the power of technology, and the ability of the experts to provide solutions to any domain, irrespective of its size and complexity. We would promote the health of the evolving IT fraternity through investments in innovation, training, research, exposure and interactions.


We always promote safe, reliable, ethical, and sustainable practices of IT outsourcing, coupled with a technology-driven, transparent, professional and competent conduct. We recognize the responsibility that safeguarding the project health is important for organizations, but priority-wise critical for project stewards and their careers


We provide our resources and clients alike with solutions, products, experiences and exposure through our initiatives; identifying elements which are necessary for their success, and we would celebrate and recognize their victories by being the harbinger of positive energy


We love inclusive diversity in all its forms, as inclusion enables better idea generation, innovation and global trust in human intelligence, irrespective of race, nationality or religion

Our Team

We are emerging and rapidly growing resource providers, who are able to provide you most filtered top quality IT resources, leveraging our recruiter- domain expert-project manager collaboration. Give us a chance to experience the BridgeN Tech advantage and how we differ in bringing value to the table.



Co-Founder & Managing Partner

French National, Ex-AT Kearney, 19 Years in Consulting and IT, 10+ years working with India, lives in Paris. Significantly experienced in IT offshoring and on shoring.
Dr. Ulrich Dietz

Dr. Ulrich Dietz

Business Partner & Head- German Business

German National, 35 years in Consulting and IT, 20+ years working with India, lives in Germany. Significantly experienced in IT offshoring, on shoring & partnerships. Owner of AproxITo GmbH
Deepika Bora

Deepika Bora

Co-Founder & Head- Recruitment

Indian National, 10 years in IT recruitment and Staffing for US and Europe, 5+ years working with Europe, lives in India. Significantly experienced in hiring, on boarding and training
Pradeepta Pradhan

Pradeepta Pradhan

Head – Project delivery & Accounts

Indian National, MBA from IESEG, Paris. 12 years in IT Project Management, PMP Certified 5+ years with Europe, lives in India. Significantly experienced in project delivery and technology alignment.
Rishi Anand

Rishi Anand

Head: Language, Training & Admin

Indian National, Lives in Germany for the last 6 years, German Language Expert, 5+ years working with Europe, Significantly experienced in Administration, onboarding and training. Hs has expertise in Cooperation with different German authorities and offices (immigration office, employment agency, tax office, health insurance, integration office)
BridgeN tech is a new-era outsourcing company with presence in France, Germany, US, and India. We deliver best-of-breed software professionals through focused recruitment, provide training and incubation support; often encompassing end-to-end project delivery & contractual staffing. We also deliver solutions & project management, along with providing data services and digital transformation to enterprises.
With founders having significant experience of pinpointing the market problem, designing a custom-fit solution, and having an illustrious career in IT delivery, our new delivery model is starting to see acceptance ranging from start-ups to Fortune 1000 companies. It has given us the proficiency to offer strategy, design, engineering solutions, and R&D services.