The Pros & Cons Of Managed IT Services

In one of our earlier blogs, we have looked at some of the reasons why Managed IT Services could be a game-changer for European companies. However, it’s essential that we give you a complete understanding of some of the pitfalls too. Therefore, we will help you look at this growing phenomenon’s positives and negatives through this blog.

Pros of Managed IT Service:

  • Reduced Costs

Opposed to hiring in-house IT staff, managed IT service lets you save up to 70% of your expenses on payrolls only. Additionally, not having employees in the office will let you save on facilities, building space, and more.

  • Proactive Management – Risen Uptimes and Quality of Service

As discussed in the description of MSP above, your managed IT provider proactively watches your arrangements 24*7 daily to recognize difficulties before they occur and keep downtimes at least. With proactive management, you can almost reduce the chance of downtimes that are expensive and reputation ruining. Additionally, the client is assured constant uptimes and quality of service through a lawfully obligatory service level agreement (SLA).

  • Dedicated and Specialized Personnel

With managed IT service, you get control of a team of professional engineers who are dedicated and trained in particular IT fields and continuously practice and study the newest industry trends. Moreover, it assures your IT infrastructure is managed using the industry’s most excellent methods and issues are quickly fixed.

An in-house IT team with one or two employees most apparent has a confined reach of skills and IT specialization. They will also need regular training and learning, which adds expenses, to stay on top of emerging technologies, compliance laws, and security measures.

  • No Personnel Single Point of Failure

If a business has a restricted IT budget, it can only select one staff member. It forms a sole point of defeat when the IT engineer is preoccupied with a crucial job. With managed IT service, a team of technical engineers is available to support you with the price of one in-house IT engineer. It eliminates the only point of failure of having one person at a low cost.

  • Decreased HR Challenges

HR hurdles, such as recruitment and employee retention, are defeated with managed IT services. In addition, as it outsources your IT services to a different entity, it shifts the HR responsibilities to the MSP, enabling you to concentrate on more crucial matters in the organization.


Cons of Managed IT Service:

  • Limited Synergy Among Business and IT

Since an MSP manages various accounts and businesses, it may not generate an extensive opinion of your internal infrastructure and particular industry and business requirements. Therefore, it is a trade-off that MSPs have to gain economies of scale and reduce managed IT service expenses for enterprises.

To mitigate this shortcoming, find an MSP that trains in hosting businesses in your particular industry. It guarantees your company and MSP get followed in knowing your industry requirements, resulting in a more trustworthy IT service.

  • Less On-Site Availability

Considering employees for managed IT service are not bodily in the office, they are less available to fix critical issues. Moreover, if the MSP has no regional office, they cannot provide on-site support. To reduce this problem, assure your MSP offers on-site services and is ready to call in for instant help.

  • Lessened Knowledge Retention

Finally, when outsourcing operations, the business decreases its ability to develop its processes and maintain proficiency. It is a critical yet strategic source when manufacturing companies assure constant returns and make data transferrable.



Managed IT services give numerous benefits, notably if you are trying to lessen costs or be more productive. Nonetheless, it is crucial to see its limitations and whether they can influence your business. Still, some cons can be relieved while still getting vital advantages. So, if the shortcomings are controllable, managed IT service is perfect for your company.

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