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What is Talent Delivery

Every company is good at hiring entry-level technical staff. But, how do you find candidates for mid & senior technical roles with experiences ranging anywhere from 3 to 15 years. That’s what Technical Talent Delivery is all about. We at BRIDGENTECH help you connect with the most in-demand developers, leads and  managers hand-picked from a niche talent pool and a trusted global network.

What’s in it for you?

Why choose BRIDGENTECH’s Talent Delivery Services

The BRIDGENTECH Talent Delivery process

Our Technical Talent Experts discuss, assess and break down the requirements as per our 5F framework in one or more sittings with your Project & Delivery Managers
We source the best candidates from a hand-picked talent pool sourced via job portals, social media and networks matching 90%+ of your requirements
Internal pre-filtering of candidates through in-depth interviews, assignments & discussions to assess the requisite technical expertise
Arranging client interviews for internally shortlisted candidates as well as coordinating on assignments, feedback & follow-up interviews, if any
On-boarding candidate, providing all the necessary infrastructure for efficient delivery from assigned workplace or remote setup
BRIDGENTECH delivery team up-skills the chosen candidates on the missing technical, communication (German, French & Business English) and inter-cultural gaps as per the finalized transition plans
Once delivery commences and stabalizes, the client can decide to internalise the candidate for on-shore/off-shore/remote permanent jobs
As a third party, BRIDGENTECH also helps to ensure smooth transition and international migration

Dépistage des meilleurs talents

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Trouver le bon candidat qualifié avec cet ensemble de compétences rares pour vos besoins sur mesure pourrait être une tâche ardue. C'est là que BRIDGENTECH entre en jeu.