BRIDGENTECH is at the helm of offering Digital solutions & Technology service offerings. Our Digital – first approach helps you get the best of RoI for your digital properties like website & App to enable for you a customer centric approach to boost your business processes.

How can we add value?

Building a microservices architecture based product can be challenging, due to the changing technology environment, management decisions, requirement complexity, resource availability and the budgets.

We find the best balance between these parameters, with our Agile and innovative approach to team augmentation.

Analytics For Customer Insights
Creating custom insights for your business like customer retention / churn segments, Sales Funnel analytics, Risk analytics to name a few, our folks have done it across industries & lines of business.
Analytics As A Service
Bring the power of analytics to your organization. We help you get visibility into operations and trends that help you take decisions to steer your business in the right direction, drive improvements and forecast more accurately.
Digital Analytics & Enablement
We help you have a complete understanding of customer behaviour on your website and App for identifying issues with online customer journey. Our A/B testing & personalisation expertise helps you get at the front of Digital – first approach.
Enabling Digital Transformation
We help you integrate your digital data from Digital marketing & your website , which can be integrated with your CRM data to create the entire persona of your customer.

Broad Framework of Cognitive Technologies

IT teams of innovative Organizations look far beyond traditional business intelligence, and modern development is way more agile than it used to be. Today, artificial intelligence is trying to mimic human behaviour in decision making, thus creating more innovative applications leveraging the best of the information technology stack and people, still having enough room for change and transformation. BRIDGENTECH helps augment future-ready development efforts with AI, ML, Deep Learning, IoT leveraging the best of Big Data and Public Clouds.

Our technology stack for Machine Learning, Analytics & Digital Transformation

Our team of experts is trained in the best open source, SaaS, and developer tools to deliver the best results for our clients through our IT services

Étude de cas client

Services informatiques

Assemblage Ingénieur CloudOps

Travailler pour l'un des principaux clients mondiaux dans le domaine des sciences de la vie.

Assemblage de développeurs Full Stack

Travailler pour l'un des principaux clients mondiaux dans le domaine des sciences de la vie.

Assemblage d'AWS Cloud Migration

Travailler pour l'une des sociétés allemandes les plus importantes dans les solutions de qualité, d'intégration et de gestion des données.

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Trouver le bon candidat qualifié avec cet ensemble de compétences rares pour vos besoins sur mesure pourrait être une tâche ardue. C'est là que BRIDGENTECH entre en jeu.