With our focused approach towards Data Engineering, we intend to provide organizations with organised and consistent data flow to enable data-driven business processes. From training machine learning models to automating complex data pipelines, BRIDGENTECH can help you increase time to value and improve efficiency. Our uniquely filtered resources can help you with your data consolidation, warehousing, intelligence and assimilating it with scalable modern architectures and applications, thus maximizing its value.

How can we add value?

Building a microservices architecture based product can be challenging, due to the changing technology environment, management decisions, requirement complexity, resource availability and the budgets.

We find the best balance between these parameters, with our Agile and innovative approach to team augmentation.

Processing Big Data
Integration, collection and accumulation of large volumes of data from various sources in near-real time or batches, along with processing live import, data streams as well as indexing incoming data in a structured format.
Normalizing Data for Services
Post Collection of data, enhancing the efficiency of data processing and storage into in-memory, SQL, NoSQL, data store and documents. Building easy to use APIs for data consumption.
Search Indexing In Real Time
Applying customized business rules for optimal search and reporting, for example, top searches, hidden & missed search queries, auto-completion, corrections etc.
Processing Time-Series Data
Process data from multiple sources and store them to time series databases for efficient reporting and real-time visualizations.

Our services for Business Intelligence and Big Data Technology

We help our clients prepare for analyzing, processing and extracting useful information and insights from organized and unorganized data of unlimited complexity and size. With increasing volume, velocity, veracity, value, and variety of data coming in from all external and internal sources relevant to a business, it becomes essential to have qualified and skilled resources who can manage well in all challenging data engineering and management scenarios. Therefore, you require not just engineers but scientists and managers who know how to tackle a problem instead of just pushing a solution. That is what we find for you.

Our technology stack for Data Engineering

Our team of experts is trained in the best open source, SaaS, and developer tools to deliver the best results for our clients through our IT services

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Travailler pour l'un des principaux clients mondiaux dans le domaine des sciences de la vie.

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Travailler pour l'un des principaux clients mondiaux dans le domaine des sciences de la vie.

Assemblage d'AWS Cloud Migration

Travailler pour l'une des sociétés allemandes les plus importantes dans les solutions de qualité, d'intégration et de gestion des données.

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