IT Application & Test Engineering

Whether it is about building products almost from scratch or enhancing the existing products with revolutionizing technology, we can source & provide best in class engineering talent and testing professionals who can augment your efforts through accelerated product development and quality assessment cycles.
A. Transitioning to microservices architecture

Microservices based architectures are known for their better scalability code quality and much easier deployment process and is a big step forward from legacy monolithic architecture.

B. SaaS creation

These days it is critical building applications which are future ready, scalable and more business-friendly, leveraging the best of cloud, containers and data

C. Test engineering
Requirement of highly agile development teams focused on software quality assurance and leverage automated testing for accelerated and continuous quality assurance
D. Cloud-first data-first platforms
Integration, assimilation and customization of data as well as applications to drive much better utilization

Technology Stack


Sketch, Zeplin, Figma, MockFlow, Balsamiq, PhotoLine, Optimizely, XMind etc.

Front-End development

Bootstrap, Vue, React, Angular, npm, Laravel, Ionic, Grunt etc

Back-end Development

Java, Python, C, C++, PHP, RoR, Rust etc


Telerik, Selenium, TestComplete, Watir, VSTP, QTP (UFT), SoapUI etc.

Machine Learning , Analytics & Digital

Bridgentech is at the helm of offering Digital solutions & Technology service offerings. Our Digital – first approach helps you get the best of RoI for your digital properties like website & App to enable for you a customer centric approach for boosting your business

A. Analytics for Custom Insights

Creating custom insights for your business like customer retention / churn segments, Sales Funnel analytics, Risk analytics to name a few, our folks have done it across industries & lines of business.

B. Analytics as a Service
C. Digital Analytics & Enablement

  We help you have a complete understanding of customer behaviour on your website and App for identifying issues with online customer journey. Our A/B testing & personalisation expertise helps you get at the front of Digital – first approach

D. Enabling Digital Transformation

We help you integrate your digital data from Digital marketing & your website , which can be integrated with your CRM data to create the entire persona of your customer

Technology Stack

Machine Learning

SAS, R, Python , SPSS , Deep Learning stack ( Tensor Flow ), Web Scraping

Visual Analytics Deployment

R Shiny, Django Visualisations, custom D3 Visualisations, Tableau, Microstrategy , Data Studio

Digital Analytics & Optimization

Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics (Sitecatalyst), Adobe Target, Optimizely , AEM

Digital Testing

Telerik, Selenium, TestComplete, Watir, VSTP, QTP (UFT), SoapUI etc.

IT Operations

We are able to source top-of-the-line IT operations engineers in the space of cloud, DevOps and ContainerOps so that you can deliver your application across any platform faster, with agility and scalability like never before.
A. Migration to cloud and automation
Design and develop a multi-cloud environment, migrate your existing applications and data from physical and virtual environments to any commercial cloud platform. Deploy Orchestration solutions for provisioning and managing computing workloads in an automated fashion.
B. Modernization
Enhancing flexibility, mitigating risk and minimizing disruption to reduce costs with modern, server less, microservices-based architecture. Leveraging cloud-native applications, containers and new practices as well as providing L1, L2 & L3 level support through managed services.
C. CI | CD | CM
Simplify and modernize the software delivery process by personalizing and customizing your continuous integration and delivery process, to ensure incremental software delivery in a sophisticated Agile and faster fashion than ever before.
D. Containerization
Merge the continuous software delivery process with container-native applications for development, orchestration, monitoring, automation and migration while ensuring security in order to deploy/run distributed applications.

Technology Stack


Gradle, Git, Jenkins, Jenkins, Bamboo, Puppet, Maven etc.


Microsoft Azure Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Softlayer, Heroku etc.

ContainerOps, Amazon ECS, Mesos, Docker enterprise, Kubernetes, Azure Kubernetes, Codefresh etc.

Software In Electronics

A growing segment at BridgeN Tech, we provide developers, engineers and managers across the emerging segments, i.e. Autonomous Driving, Infotainment and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems & Chip design & testing. The demand is primarily led by the need for better autonomous vehicles, infotainment systems and chassis & safety features.
A. Autonomous driving
The desire for Automotive Manufacturers to go for a fully automated level 5 autonomous driving vehicle, has created good demand of resources in these areas: SLAM, Mapping, Localisation, Perception, Sensor Fusion, Robotics, Motion / Path Planning, Control Algorithms etc.
B. Infotainment
The client is regularly looking forward to a more advanced and connected car which is no longer just a transport medium but also companion in the journey. This has led to a boom in application development work in the fields of GenIVI, ALSA, Product Owners, Tuner (AM, FM, DAB), Back End / Cloud Systems, HMI / Navigation, Linux / Open Source Software, Bluetooth / Wi-Fi connectivity etc.
C. Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS)
While fully autonomous car is yet picking up the market, majority of the vehicles are bringing new towards a much safer and convenient driving features to assist the driver, this drives the demand in AUTOSAR and Functional Safety (ISO 26262), RF / Radar, Quality Management / Process, Improvement (SPICE / MISRA), Surround View etc.
D. ASIC / FPGA / Firmware capabilities
We provide end-to-end services for silicon realization from ASIC design, verification, and physical design to all the way to post-silicon validation. This helps our clients to scale their efforts in new product innovations around Data Acquisition Systems, Processor Design, Signal and Image Processing, High Speed Computing, High Speed ALU, Multimedia, Wired & Wireless Communications etc. Also, we deliver qualified and experienced resources for multiple customers for variants targeted towards New designs, Die-size reduction, Cost-reduction, Feature enhancement etc. These resources can provide high-level ASIC, FPGA, and electronic system development solutions to Companies developing very complex designs, organizations that require analysis or oversight of electronic product design projects

Tech Stack

Autonomous driving

Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS)


ASIC / FPGA / Firmware capabilities

Data Engineering

Spot resources who can help you with your data consolidation, warehousing, intelligence and assimilating it with scalable modern architectures and applications, thus maximizing its value.
A. Processing big data
Integration, collection and accumulation of large volumes of data from various sources in near-real time or batches, along with processing live import, data streams as well as indexing incoming data in a structured format
B. Normalizing data for services
Post Collection of data, enhancing the efficiency of data processing and storage into in-memory, SQL, NoSQL, data store and documents. Building easy to use APIs for data consumption.
C. Search indexing in real time
Applying customized business rules for optimal search and reporting, for example, top searches, hidden & missed search queries, auto-completion, corrections etc.
D. Processing time-series data
Process data from multiple sources and store them to time series databases for efficient reporting and real-time visualizations.

Technology Stack

ETL Tools

Informatica, Jasper, SAP BusinessObjects, SAS integration studio, Pentaho, Talend, IBM IIS, SSIS etc.

BI Tools

Yellowfin BI, Pentaho, IBM Cognos, Splunk, Oracle BI etc.

Visualization tools

MicroStrategy, Tableau, QlikView, Microsoft Power BI, IBM Watson etc.

Big Data Tools

Hadoop, Storm, Cassandra, Kafka, Cloudera, Splunk, Elastic Search, Flume, Couch DB, Pentaho etc.


Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, IBM DB2, Microsoft Access, Cassandra etc.

Cloud Storage

Microsoft Azure Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Softlayer, Heroku etc.

Emerging Technologies

In order to help organizations build their world class technology solutions leveraging tech, engineers should have deep expertise in building custom solutions for AI /machine learning, Industrial IoT, RPA, Chatbots an blockchain related technologies in addition to a problem solver attitude and excellent computing skills. We at BridgeN tech source top notch engineering talents working for leading Tech Startups / MNCs looking for better opportunities in the west.
1. Industrial Internet of Things
Predictive maintenance solutions to assist in smart logistics and forecasting, Incident scoring, Incident correlation, condition monitoring, Asset Tracking, Remote Service and root cause analysis solutions built on enterprise and custom IOT platforms are the emerging needs and trends in the manufacturing industry. We keep a close track on the right individuals with the right skills, looking out for a change.
2. Robotic process Automation
Reducing human errors, increasing the efficiency and minimizing the total cost of ownership have been the watch words of clients globally in recent times. Providing problem solvers for challenges like Auto Single sign on, auto geocoding, assisted data verification, auto notes, Audit trail report, Premium computation and remote monitoring of process automation helps us to have a niche name in the market for technology specialists.
3. Machine Learning & AI

Machine Learning can disrupt the way you operate your business & open doors to new opportunities & possibilities, by processing big data as text, image, sound or video. From personalizing customer experience, automating your existing ways & boosting solutions that will change the way customers engage with you. BridgeN provides hard-to-find experts to you who have very well in their careers, and are open to new opportunities to deliver on; full-time or contractually. For example,

  • Recommendation engines to analyse and forecast customer preferences
  • Integrated predictive analytics for future applications and faster decision making
  • Opinion mining based on NLP text analysis and computational linguistics
  • Collecting and managing data from multiple sources to analyse their patterns for data mining.
  • Understanding generated data and events from DevOps pipeline to get inside on software development and deployment enabling better engineering decisions
4. Chatbots
Chatbots can be used across domains for lead generation, Customer Engagements, L1 support tasks and collecting feedback. They are much more efficient, economical and disciplined multitasker than human resource. From setting up the processing language to code, integrate with Applications, hosting and monitoring the bots, we can deliver far beyond just delivering experts, we can also provide end to end solutions in this field with the right project managers in place. Dialogflow, Rasa, Chatscripts, and Telegram platforms have been used to build chatbots for Banking, E-commerce, Healthcare and Hospitality industries, & we can rapidly deploy and deliver specialists on demand.
5. Blockchain
We have made sure to stay up to date with the trends in Blockchain to help consult our clients better. Technical expertise for real life use cases implementing Blockchain in domains like Financial services, FMCG, Healthcare, Cryptocurrency, Energy trading to loyalty management, the direction of trend in which this technology is evolving. We can provide experienced staff for Blockchain Platforms such as Solidify, Ethereum, Ripple, Multichain and Hyperledger who have worked on multiple projects.

Technology Stack

Industrial Internet of Things

Thingworx 8 IoT Platform, Microsoft Azure IoT Suite, Google Cloud’s IoT, IBM Watson, AWS IoT, Cisco IoT, Salesforce IoT etc.

Robotic process Automation

Blue Prism, Kofax, Uipath, Automation Anywhere, Pega etc.

Machine Learning & AI

ML & AI for Decision making & processing Vision, Speech, Natural Language, Text & Search using various open-source technologies


IBM Watson, Google Dialogflow, Amazon Lex, Microsoft LUIS, Facebook Wit & open source tools


Ethereum, Hyperledger fabric, R3 Corda, Ripple, Quorum etc.

Industry Focus

IT Engineering Services

With rapidly evolving and transforming IT industry, the demand keeps growing, but also facing supply gaps for qualified & trained resources with advance technical skills. We step in, shortlisting just the right guys, motivated and skilled to augment your efforts, as per latest tech trends and rare skillsets, still keeping your costs low.

Retail / E-commerce

Retail Industry, with its wafer thin margins needs more technology and automation to keep the costs low & efficiencies high. New solutions are needed to engage customers better, improvise processes and reduce wastages with big data and cloud. Projects are demanding resources to drive brand omni-channel experience & digital transformation. So the need of the hour is capable agile resources; needed to deliver on projects faster & cheaper.


Healthcare is a domain which is extremely knowledge-sensitive, information-centric & process-driven. We provide resources from the existing large players & providers having ODC in India, to already possess competency & knowledge of HIPAA, Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), IoMT (Internet of Medical Things), EHRs etc.


Enterprises, especially Mittelstand demand a smarter system, with effortless connectivity across the planning, production, supply, and distribution systems, leveraging IIoT centered towards Customer 360° view, personalized manufacturing & Industry 4.0/ 5.0 to boost operational performance. We provide experienced, trained brains for this.

Banking & Financial

BFSI need resources experienced with large scale solutions, often requiring support, engineering and maintenance of older tech stack & adding new tech on top. Getting right candidates is paramount to ensure ensuring technological innovation, organizational flexibility, and client centricity. We source such candidates already working for some of your competitors.

Telecom & Utility

With increasing competition & existing infrastructure which is fast fading, telecom & utility companies need to improve efficiency & insource intellectual property, by leveraging scalable technologies and data insights. We have domain knowledge & understanding for what talent would be a right fit for your organization & why, based on our genuine experience.

The list is indicative & not exhaustive. Want to see how we can help your business through right resource augmentation & recruitment?