Introduction to Contract To Hire (C2H) 

Over the years, we have seen an evolution in the IT hiring processes in non-IT organizations. Back in the day, while hiring for IT roles, non-IT companies had just two options: Contractual employment for projects or Permanent employment for long-term work. Of course, both these methods had their own merits and demerits, but neither of these was full-proof. For example, you could get contractual employees for the entry-level positions, but you would need to hire a full-time resource for mid-level positions in projects. And, companies would find it challenging to allocate other projects to mid-level resources at the end of a project. As a result, the only firms that stood a chance were IT Services companies that undertake IT projects, increasing your costs.

This gap led to the rise of a new form of staff augmentation: Contract-To-Hire. You are essentially using the pros of both forms of hiring processes and creating an amalgamation that is custom-made for non-IT companies. But there is a flip side. There are many hassles in finding such resources, and often companies looking for them have their hands full with other more critical work. However, some firms help these non-IT companies hire mission-critical resources on a Contract To Hire basis. Firms like BRIDGENTECH have their metrics for finding suitable candidates and have an in-house training model to help them get acquainted with the company’s culture.

What Is A Contract To Hire (C2H) Definition?

Contract To Hire(C2H) is a relatively new strategy that benefits organizations by helping them assess an employee before making long-term commitments. Luckily enough, firms such as BRIDGENTECH that assist in C2H have experts that gouge the talent pool and find the most reliable and skilled candidates for difficult to fill roles. Moreover, it allows the client to test the candidate for a decided period. Finally, the staffing firm employs the talent during the contract period.

The Contract-To-Hire method typically moves reasonably swiftly. Before beginning a contract-to-hire condition, clients need to describe their evaluation metrics and the project duration. Post this, the staffing firm works its magic and presents clients with options. During the contract period, clients need to keep open lines of communication and give regular feedback on the candidates for talent ease. Finally, if the work is deemed suitable for the client, a permanent position is offered and once accepted, talent shifts from the staffing agency’s payroll to the client’s payroll.

Why Contract-To-Hire?

Many advantages make contract-to-hire the ultimate choice, among various other hiring methods, for non-IT companies.

  • The most significant benefit of contract-to-hire is an expedited interview process. The typical hiring process can be amazingly time-consuming and tiresome, and HR departments are usually so busy with other responsibilities that devoting plentiful resources to making strategic hires can be challenging. And this is why more employers are using staff agencies to help them hire contract-to-hire employees, eliminating many hurdles of the hiring process.
  • In addition, the staffing agency manages all the time-consuming legwork of discovering and vetting a contract-to-hire applicant. Contract-to-hire may be the best option for your company if you need to promptly add talent to your list to fill an urgent need or potential gap.
  • An advantage of Contract-To-Hire is its capability to reduce the risk by “trying before you buy.” The contract-to-hire process is a trial run to guarantee that a candidate lives up to their resume and interview.
  • Another primary benefit of contract-to-hire positions is that they can give your business the time required to work a new full-time employee into the budget while still getting the work done.
  • If your budget is one of the main factors preventing you from creating a full-time hire, but still you want a role filled or have capacity gaps, a contract-to-hire position can reduce upfront hiring expenses.
  • You cannot ever foretell what the future will hold, particularly in business. If you obtain a new client, extend a project, or develop the scope of an existing contract, you may not be ready to satisfy capacity. So, you may be questioning how to size up your business on such small notice. Solution? C2H staffing! C2H assists you to stay productive during these times of sudden growth by making it possible to hire the help you need instantly.

The contract-to-hire method allows both the employee and the employer to benefit from a trial stage to evaluate fit before the peak of a permanent hire:

Benefits For Employers

A company may choose contract-to-hire employees when they can’t hire full-time employees but want to develop a small team that’s just getting started. Companies may also use contract-to-hire positions to assure they have the best person in the right job.

Benefits of contract-to-hire jobs for the employer cover:

  • Companies can assess a candidate’s talents: A contract-to-hire situation is slightly like an extended job interview. Besides, the employee has the perk of being compensated during this period. Employers want to be assured that an employee can deliver on what they say in an interview. A poor hiring decision can be a pricey mistake for a company, and a contract-for-hire position allows the company to assess candidates more optimally.
  • Businesses can evaluate a candidate’s fit: These short-term jobs are not just ensuring that a candidate knows how to do work properly. A C2H position also lets employers determine if the candidate is a good fit for the company culture.
  • Contract-to-hire jobs provide budget flexibility: Budget usually plays a pivotal role in hiring C2H positions. Before taking an employee for full-time work and rewarding them with salary and perks, employers want to ensure they have the allotted funds for an assigned project guarded. By selecting employees on a contract-to-hire basis, companies get the time they need to get funds in place a few weeks or months in the future while ensuring that they can sustain productivity in the meantime.

Benefits For Employees

Job seekers may be skeptical to go for Contract-To-Hire jobs because they consider that the setup only profits the company. On the contrary, though, C2H positions also provide several advantages for the person taking the job.

Benefits for employees selected for a contract-to-hire position include:

  • Employees can evaluate a company’s fit: Many people don’t want to get themselves held in a company culture they don’t fit into or a job they don’t like. Just like a C2H position enables employers to make sure that the person they want to hire fits in properly, employees can practice the role’s short-term nature to do the same. You can take a C2H position to understand the role and the company for a “test drive” without bothering about making a more extended commitment to a job you don’t know if you’ll require or like.
  • Contract-To-Hire positions can fill in hiring recesses: If you have been out of a job for a long time, a C2H post can help fill in that gap. Even if the position doesn’t end with a permanent job offer, it offers a good backup when going back on the job market. Employees can prove that they stayed professionally engaged and kept up their necessary skills by taking on short-term jobs.
  • Contract-to-hire positions can help you grow your professional network: Every person you work with throughout a contract’s duration adds a connection, so these jobs can help you increase your professional network. Although those connections might not directly lead to a permanent role in the company, those people could have other contacts that can help you get a permanent job in a different place. For example, if a person makes a great impression on an employer that can’t offer a full-time position, the employer can give references, recommendations, or referrals.

Why Work With A Staffing Company For Contract-To-Hire Staffing?

To see progress with Contract-To-Hire positions, it is necessary that you are operating with recruiters who have taken the time to know your company and its culture, so they can put candidates who have the most potential to be joined with your long-term goals. For more than a decade, the specialists at BRIDGENTECH have illustrated this candidate-focused and client-driven work ethic.

We help businesses worldwide bring, qualify, and screen a large pool of likely candidates with our exceptional and staff augmentation services backed by a proprietary 5F framework. As a recognized staffing company, our adaptive and flexible method makes it effortless for our clients to achieve their staffing goals, whether that involves Contract-To-Hire or more conventional direct hire roles. Want to hire for C2H positions for your organization, reach out to us at

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