Below is our policy for citing BRIDGENTECH data in the public domain to include customers, co-workers, and media outlets. All usage of such data must be as per the policy mentioned below. This policy does not apply to any content or data given by BRIDGENTECH’s partners. All such information is subject to the corresponding partner’s policies.

Types of BRIDGENTECH Data That Can Be Published:

Public Data Points

You may publish BRIDGENTECH data that has been placed into the public domain by an authorized party, as described in this policy. These include data from the BRIDGENTECH blog, press releases, articles in the media that refer to BRIDGENTECH data, and social media posts.

Non-public Data Points

BRIDGENTECH data should not be put into the public domain as described above and may not be published unless you have gained specific approval from BRIDGENTECH AS (jo**@br*********.com).


In general, you may publish rankings or metrics related to the rank, given that the above requirements have been met.

Entire Reports

BRIDGENTECH blog posts, reports, and slide sets get preserved by copyright and may not get republished as their whole. If you desire to publish more than one-fourth of the content from a given BRIDGENTECH report, you must take prior permission from BRIDGENTECH as described above.

How to Refer BRIDGENTECH Data or Reports:


When publishing BRIDGENTECH data, you must show the particular BRIDGENTECH blog post or report, as appropriate. You must add the correct BRIDGENTECH URL. If you are citing BRIDGENTECH social media posts, please give a link or abbreviated link to that source.


If you are issuing screenshots of BRIDGENTECH tables, charts, or any other content that are in the public domain, then the BRIDGENTECH logo should be visible in the screenshots.


When quoting BRIDGENTECH content or reports available in the public domain, quotes should get used as it is and maintain the original intended meaning. The reference should be the specific BRIDGENTECH blog post, report, or press release simultaneously with the proper BRIDGENTECH URL. For BRIDGENTECH that has not already got published in the public domain, you may cite only official company spokespersons with their permission.


Any BRIDGENTECH data or analysis of an app, publisher, or app store does not depict an advertisement by BRIDGENTECH, nor should they be called in such a way as to intimate that. In addition to this policy, your use of any BRIDGENTECH data, metrics, or reports will get governed by BRIDGENTECH’s Terms of Service.
This policy is subject to change from time to time. If you have any queries, contact BRIDGENTECH at in**@br*********.com now!