We are able to source top-of-the-line IT operations engineers in the space of cloud, DevOps and ContainerOps so that you can deliver your application across any platform faster, with agility and scalability like never before.

How can we add value?

Building a microservices architecture based product can be challenging, due to the changing technology environment, management decisions, requirement complexity, resource availability and the budgets. We find the best balance between these parameters, with our Agile and innovative approach to team augmentation.
Migration to Cloud and Automation
Design and develop a multi-cloud environment. Migrate your existing applications and data from physical & virtual environments to any commercial cloud platform. Deploy Orchestration solutions for provisioning & managing computing in an automated fashion.
Enhancing flexibility, mitigating risk and minimizing disruption to reduce costs with modern, server less, microservices-based architecture. Leveraging cloud-native applications, containers and new practices as well as providing L1, L2 & L3 level support through managed services.
CI | CD | CM
Simplify and modernize the software delivery process by personalizing and customizing your continuous integration and delivery process, to ensure incremental software delivery in a sophisticated Agile and faster fashion than ever before.
Merge the continuous software delivery process with container-native applications for development, orchestration, monitoring, automation and migration while ensuring security in order to deploy/run distributed applications.

Agile development with CI-CD-CM Ecosystem

We realize that even the best product development practices can go bonkers if they’re not matched with the best practices in continuous integration, continuous delivery and continuous monitoring. Moreover, with the growth of the public cloud like Azure, AWS and GCP, most clients are looking to scale their operations, have more significant development and deployment ecosystem, minimize their downtimes, and produce as much good code with the non-stop deployment model; without impacting product usability. Bridgentech helps by enabling precisely that, through some excellent resources with varied experience in development and deployment, especially on the cloud.

Our technology stack for IT Applications & Test Engineering

Our team of experts is trained in the best open source, SaaS, and developer tools to deliver the best results for our clients through our IT services

Client Case Study

IT Services

Assembling CloudOps Engineer

Working for one of the prominent global customers in the life sciences domain.

Assembling Full Stack Developers

Working for one of the prominent global customers in the life sciences domain.

Assembling AWS Cloud Migration

Working for one of the very prominent German firm into data quality, integration and management solutions.

Helping You Find The

Needle In The Haystack

Finding the right skilled candidate with that rare skill-set for your tailored requirement could be a daunting task. This is where BRIDGENTECH comes in.