Delivery Model

BridgeN proprietary framework helps you find / source top Europe focused talent, across IT Hardware and Software domain, across Development, Operations, Data, and evolving cognitive services.

We are an emerging and rapidly growing resource providers, who are able to provide you most filtered top-quality IT resources, leveraging our recruiter- domain expert-project manager collaboration. Give us a chance to experience the BridgeN Tech advantage and how we differ in bringing value to the table

BridgeNTech “5F” Strategy Framework


Focus on resource requirements separately for shot-term contingency and long-term sustainability


Look beyond the traditional resume finding, and look for specialist organizations and resources in top of their class and skillset


Identify Talent not solely based on Tech skills, but softer skills like international exposure, communication skills and willingness to adapt and learn


Leverage industry tie-ups to provide necessary international language & cultural training, skillset workshops and provide adequate project management support to ensure best possible delivery from day 1


Depending on client needs, stich a custom delivery plan for delivery as well as migration of resources to client’s internal talent pool


1. Share the job description

Tell us about your talent needs, tech stack, skillsets, project plan & budgets. We can manage to provide as less as 1 developer to a team of 10. Post that, we review the JD with recruiters and technology stack experts to get a good grasp on the right fit.

3. Resources integrate with your existing Team

Once ready and finalized, the resource integrates to your existing team like a regular in-house resource. Though available remotely in the beginning, arrangements can be made to have them on-site for delivery. To ensure quality delivery, we provide them with adequate Project management support, quality infrastructure to work and all necessary tools to get the job done right.

2. We find & propose the right candidate for trial

We’ll notify you ASAP with the available candidates found fit for the role. We will seek internally from available talent pool database, or head out to find a right candidate for the job. Using our proprietary “5F Philosophy”, we would be pre-screening and providing top 3 resumes we see fit for the role only. The candidates we share would be thoroughly vetted before sharing on their technical, communication, soft skills, international exposure and work experience.

4. Post-approval, ready for onshore/ direct hiring.

We arrange language training, intercultural programs, and occasional client visits to help them adapt to your work culture better. We also recommend a cost-sharing grooming plan, should you like to hire the resource internally later; or move them onshore. All of this, while you have the option to upscale/ downscale the team as required.

Filtration criteria for candidates


We look beyond the resume to check their technical expertise able to solve problems and their ability to apply intelligence in solving them. Candidates who only clear our 2 stage test are accepted in the database, and their profiles are tracked till deployment to you. Our database only accepts candidates manually who have cleared the recruiters shortlisting and then a face-to-face interview with the technical project manager or domain expert. Our domain experts have seven plus years of experience on the technology stack they interview their candidates on, be it on software development, operations, data or cloud.

Communication skills and personality

We look for candidates who have a very good command on the language & personality. Already knowing a foreign language is a plus, so is motivation & ability to work directly with the client with minimum support needed. We look for clarity of thoughts, and transparency in communication and try to also gauge openness to feedback and capability to adapt to their environment.

Preferential candidates

We exclusively source the profiles of candidates who have already been on sure whether to US or Europe working directly with the client, are presently available in Europe, have done some extensive foreign language training, or actively seeking a job in Europe through a job search visa. The success rates of these candidates have typically been very high due to demonstrated experience and motivation.

Test project

Subject to your acceptance as well as the candidate, a short real-life environment test can be scheduled or they can be directly deployed on a minuscule version of the project (1-2 weeks) to see if they can “walk the talk”.

Video interview

Once shortlisted and shared with you the profile, on your acceptance, we schedule a one-on-one interview over a video call with/ without our presence with the candidate. This ensures that you are also able to come on the same page as we are regarding the Candidate’s capabilities.

Engagement Strategy

Candidate starts in India after shortlisting

Candidate starts delivery while getting trained on German language

Candidate & Client both get to know each other better, build trust

Candidate occasinally travels to Europe as per client requirement

Candidate is internalized


Candidate is finalized

No Charges

Candidate under trial

Blended Offshore rates like standard offshore companies

Candidate under training

Blended Offshore rates + cost sharing on onshore travel + customized needs

Candidate transferred

One-time nominal hiring fee like other recruitment companies


You pay only for the resources you hire. Per hour basis when they are contractual, and one time when you transfer them. Everything remains transparent and pre-agreed. No hidden charges. No surprises. We bear the infrastructure expenses, project management costs, search efforts, payroll & all miscellaneous expenses, as an investment into the relationship. We share costs on onshore deputation/ visits.

Money Protection

Your funds are always protected. Pay Risk-free through BridgeN tech and acquire the best talent you seek for the time you want. We are here to help you through any issues and BridgeN Tech will prioritize commitment over anything. According to Harvard Business Review, remote workers are more motivated, more efficient, and work longer hours than traditional employees. We are not only finding the best talent but also paying them much higher than the median salaries; provide benefits so far only a dream in Indian IT services

BridgeN tech is a new-era outsourcing company with presence in France, Germany, US, and India. We deliver best-of-breed software professionals through focused recruitment, provide training and incubation support; often encompassing end-to-end project delivery & contractual staffing. We also deliver solutions & project management, along with providing data services and digital transformation to enterprises.
With founders having significant experience of pinpointing the market problem, designing a custom-fit solution, and having an illustrious career in IT delivery, our new delivery model is starting to see acceptance ranging from start-ups to Fortune 1000 companies. It has given us the proficiency to offer strategy, design, engineering solutions, and R&D services.