Assembling Full Stack Developers For A Critical Development For A Life Sciences Company In 3 Weeks

Working for one of the prominent global customers in the life sciences domain, Bridgentech delivered an extremely flexible, fast, and efficient team augmentation model that was able to modify the structure of a core SaaS product, ensuring zero product time downtime, 99.7% accurate code quality through using Full-Stack Developers Only Model, supported by automated testing and used the best practices of software development, to deliver a project that boosted the performance of the SaaS, it’s usability and user coverage.

Assembling AWS Cloud Migration, Networking and L2 Support 24X7 team in 4 weeks

Working for one of the very prominent German firm into data quality, data integration, and data management solutions, serving the expectations of corporate business and customer data over the entire data lifecycle., Bridgentech delivered a very efficient team of network engineers turned cloud engineers, who helped the IT Operations team with L1-L2 24X7 Support as well as cloud migration from AWS to Azure for their core web applications ensuring zero downtime and zero L3 escalations above SLA. Eventually, the entire team was absorbed by the client onshore.

Remote Staffing vs. Contract To Hire

We live in a gig economy. So it is good news for fast-growing organizations that want to hit into on-demand, cost-effective talent. The problem is that micromanaging your workforce is not an option any longer. So, it is time for individuals and organizations to take an engineering approach to manage their workforce. Remote staffing and…

The Pros & Cons Of Managed IT Services

In one of our earlier blogs, we have looked at some of the reasons why Managed IT Services could be a game-changer for European companies. However, it’s essential that we give you a complete understanding of some of the pitfalls too. Therefore, we will help you look at this growing phenomenon’s positives and negatives through…


In the last decade, numerous information technology (IT) departments have tried to improve their coordination, succeed in short-term capability scarcities, and include the impact of hiring constraints by using staff augmentation arrangements with IT service providers or by negotiating directly with independent contractors. As a temporary strategy, this method has many benefits compared to the…

The Ultimate Guide to Remote Staffing

Introduction to Remote Staffing Services There has been an uptrend in Remote Staffing in the last few years, but it received a massive boost the previous year due to COVID. Thus, what was an option earlier now became a necessity. Some companies have even decided to have 100% of the employees working remotely. Numerous studies have stated…


Contract To Hire(C2H) is a relatively new strategy that benefits organizations by helping them assess an employee before making long-term commitments. Luckily enough, firms such as BRIDGENTECH that assist in C2H, have experts that gouge the talent pool and find the most reliable and skilled candidates for difficult to fill roles. Moreover, it allows the client to test the candidate for a decided period. Finally, the staffing firm employs the talent during the contract period.