BridgeN Advantages

BridgeN Tech takes the best advantages of all Outsourcing models and systematically synchronizes them to have our unique delivery model with our 5F strategy framework.

With an exclusive focus around top talent available among the crowd, we are also helping the desiring candidates get what they have always wanted better pay, better opportunities, and more flexibility to deliver.

As technology changes every week and innovations take place every day, it is very hard for standard models of offshore, onshore, or recruitment models to stay put the way they were always operating. Clients have started to realize that the offshore is as good as onshore staff augmentation, but only more economical and scalable, provided the resources hired can deliver the work. Straightforward in-house Recruitment today is not allowing the flexibility of scaling resources at will, align or train them as per market demand.



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Here’s how our model performs as compared to other popular models

Our core strengths

Our strengths are aimed at leveraging our expertise in problem solving, understanding market trends & provide our customers with a significant value proposition in how the engagement should operate to maximise benefits. These strengths drive us to make right decisions in our service delivery. Our strengths include:

Skilled Workforce

Although as a boutique start-up to begin with, we are able to maintain enviable standard of delivery excellence. We maintain good records, an agile database & access to the best talent & organizations. We have access to almost all top-of-line search tools- LinkedIn Jobs, Xing, Monster, Dice, Career Builder etc as well as reputed IIMs, IITs & other reputed institutions.

Blend of Indo-European and Indo-American Experience

We have delivered several projects of varied sizes in our prior roles, working in Europe & US as well as working very closely with the client we served. We pick from the best of the two totally evolved markets. We understand & relate to what you need and what you don’t.

Domain Expertise

Our project managers and recruiters come from diverse IT Engineering background and bring years of experience from firms like Adecco, ACS, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Google, Cognizant, Accenture, Capgemini, SAP etc. and understand requirements, far better than text-book recruiters who just match keywords to source profiles.

24x7 Availability

We enable round-the-clock on-call availability to support our customers & meeting deadlines. Ex: We provide 24X7 DevOps L1, L2 & L3 Support for our clients, as per the project needs.

Consistency, Reliability & Quality

We offer effective service delivery as our own investment through effective management to applications, services, support and technological needs. We guarantee you that when we do work for you, we do it right. If not, we’ll make it right for FREE

Optimization of Costs

Our customized hiring model combines the best features of recruiting, interviewing, hiring, training, and solution finding practice, helping you keep the cost “right”. We also minimize your supervision efforts, through effective coordination, reports and updates. You save significantly on facility expenses and IT hardware as well, and for any specific customized needs, we can integrate your hardware to the resources offshore or get remote access.

BridgeN tech is a new-era outsourcing company with presence in France, Germany, US, and India. We deliver best-of-breed software professionals through focused recruitment, provide training and incubation support; often encompassing end-to-end project delivery & contractual staffing. We also deliver solutions & project management, along with providing data services and digital transformation to enterprises.
With founders having significant experience of pinpointing the market problem, designing a custom-fit solution, and having an illustrious career in IT delivery, our new delivery model is starting to see acceptance ranging from start-ups to Fortune 1000 companies. It has given us the proficiency to offer strategy, design, engineering solutions, and R&D services.